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Services for Researching and Planning a Funeral

Welcome to the consumer district of Funeralville. Here, you can find tips and resources to ensure that you get quality service at a fair price.

Funeralville Library
Information and Resources

    Be informed before you make any decisions. Find links to consumer-oriented web sites, bulletin boards and other sources of information. Visit our discussion forum to participate in an online discussion of funeral-related issues.

Funeral Home Locator

    Search our database of over 23,000 funeral homes in the US and Canada. Find funeral homes in your area. Get maps, driving directions and other contact information, and read consumer reviews of funeral homes you are considering. Post your own review online.

Clergy Locator

    Find members of the clergy who are qualified to perform funeral services in your area.


    Search our listings for services and merchandise you might need.

The Mall

    Coming Soon. Shop with our affiliated merchants.

Funeral Price Quotes

    Get free, no obligation price quotes from one or more funeral homes stating the cost of providing a funeral.

Death Notices

Ask the Expert

Do you have a question about funerals? Are you not sure if something you are being told is true? Are you looking for suggestions of things to include in a funeral service? Ask our expert your question. Our expert is an experienced funeral director who doesn't mind giving straight answers. Read our archive of questions and answers.

Letters to the Editor

Write a Letter to the Editor to voice your opinion about anything related to funerals. Suitable letters will be posted, and other visitors will be able to read your letter and share their own views on your topic. Visit our archive of Letters to the Editor.


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